Vol.5 Brooke Happe b.e. happe designs

Vol.5 Brooke Happe b.e. happe designs

Tell us about your business, why/how did it come about?

In 2015 I was expecting our third child and felt my heart pulling at me to stay home. I was working at a Doctor of Physical Therapy, husband was traveling for business and I felt like I was missing out on precious years with my kids. I decided to step away from my career and stay home. I taught myself to crochet from the internet in order to keep my hands. I would donate items I made to Blank Children’s Hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. In 2016 I had people asking to purchase the things I was making and with encouragement from my family and friends I started b.e.happe Designs. We did a buy one, give one business model where I would donate a hat to Blank Children’s Hospital for each hat purchased. In 2018 we were growing and I wanted to expand my products so I taught myself to knit. That summer my middle kiddo was in the PICU with a virus at the children’s hospital. Isolated in our room for 6 days the child life specialist would bring in toys and movies for him to play with. I knew that this was the calling I needed to continue to give back. That summer we changed our giving to 20% of proceeds being used to purchase wish list items for Blank Children’s Hospital. In June 2019 our family of 5 sold our dream home and everything we owned to travel the US. We have been to 20 states in 15 months and are enjoying our time together. b.e.happe is a handmade brand that gives back and do much more. It is a brand that encourages one to follow their dreams, do what your heart calls you to do and simply b.e.happe.
What makes b.e.happe special?

b.e.happe creates unique, handmade hats to not only make you feel good but to do good also.

How do you like to unwind?

Knitting is very therapeutic for me and helps me just forget about all worries!

Did you have this business prior to becoming a mom? If so, how has your business changed?

No! Growth has been tremendous in the past 4 years of b.e.happe, being a mom entrepreneur reminds me each day to focus on the now.

How do you find time to do all the things?

Block scheduling works wonders for our family. Homeschool, business, travel, etc!

What’s your most used mom hack?

EVERYDAY is a teaching moment. I ALWAYS have my kids included in the business somehow.

Motherhood is not always glamorous what's something less than pleasant?

Too many I can’t think of anything! 

What do you think is key to raising a Gentleman or a Lady?

Being present. Expanding our children’s world and eyes to new things. I think it’s easy to get into the norms of society and our little bubble because it’s comfortable. We adapt and learn by challenging our thoughts, behavior and beliefs!

Getting to know you! 


Early Bird or Night Owl


Coffee or Tea


Savory or Sweet


Beach or Mountains


"Which is worse?" Laundry or Dishes



Connect with Brooke!

 behappedesigns.com and on Instagram/FB @behappedesigns


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