I am just a mom that wanted more for her boys.

black mom with boys in bow ties and suits

Shopping for boys is HARD. There is such a small selection and of the few items, there is a repeat of sports, dinosaurs, cars and bugs. The graphic tees are less to be desired as they promote a macho mentality. There are very few accessories and nearly no one carries bow ties. 

In contrast girls have the entire foot print of the store, dress clothes, casual, shoes, hair bows, accessory items in a range of colors, textures and prints.. 

When I became a mother of two boys this became painfully clear.  I decided that I was going to change what people thought of as little boy style at least for my boys. This eventually became a mission for all the little gents because they deserve to be just as stylish. 

My goal is that through pride of dress and grooming our boys can Be. Act. and Dress like Gentlemen.


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